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COVID cases are surging again in San Francisco and elsewhere, even if you're vaccinated you are not 100% protected from getting the virus, getting sick, or potentially spreading it to others. So, bars in San Francisco are largely shifting to a strict policy of showing vaccination proof at the door, and lots of bars and clubs are going to be making you put masks back on as well, if you're indoors.


Anecdotally, a number of vaccinated LGBTQ bar and nightlife workers in SF — as well as dozens of gay men who traveled to Provincetown around the Fourth of July — have tested positive in recent weeks and shown symptoms. The real risk for the vaccinated is not hospitalization or death, but of a nasty cold and the looming and unpleasant possibility of "long COVID," in which a constellation of systems including brain fog and loss of taste persist for months after infection.


So far, public health officials in the Bay Area say they won't impose more mandates that hamper bar and restaurant business. But local health officers announced new guidance advising everyone to put masks back on when in indoor public spaces. And this week, the SF Bar Owners Alliance voted overwhelmingly to institute a policy of checking vaccination proof at the door, and requiring vaccines or proof of a recent negative test for anyone to drink inside. 


Aunt Charlie's has already re-instituted a mask rule when patrons aren't actively drinking, and both Powerhouse and Oasis in SoMa are requiring proof of vaccine at the door. The Edge has the same rule in the Castro, and other bars and clubs are likely to follow in the coming days. So access your digital vaccine card here [link: ] or make sure to have a photo of yours handy on your phone.

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rebranded as "Folsom Street Market", this years Up You Alley Lite was virtually identical in spirit to Dore fests of years past.  Although they didn't actually use Dore Alley and limited alcohol sales to the local bars (powerhouse since Hole in the Wall was, curiously, closed), the usual kink booths-and one mask vendor-remained.!

not dore alley, looking a lot like dore Alley


more than one way to mask up


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What is the Fa-word, you ask? It's a six-letter, two-syllable term that starts with the letters fa and rhymes with maggot. It's not to be confused with the F-word.

                                                                - NPR. MAY 28,2011

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