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San Francisco-based menswear designer Eden Slezin recently landed a big break designing caftans and resortwear for Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Etsy store. While Slezin has had an Etsy store of his own for his Mined on Denim brand since the pandemic began, it focuses more on unique menswear, often using denim. But through Etsy, Richie’s team found Slezin’s sister’s designs (Dawn Discovered) and hired them to make pajama shirts and flowy dresses and caftans for her brand, which Slezin has helped to design and produce — having finished his MFA in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University in recent years. The pair now have a combined label, DandEDiscovered, with its own store.


"My men's collection style is more minimalistic and masculine,” Slezin says. "Lots of denim, all natural fibers and fairly clean lines. It's definitely body conscious to help show off the male form. It's been very fun to take a different take on style with this women's bohemian line. It's not my natural aesthetic, but as an artist, it has been fun to try something completely out of my comfort zone and play with new and different shapes, prints and silhouettes.”


And fashion-forward men in SF shouldn’t shy away from some of these House of Harlow designs, he says. "I see guys wearing caftans all the time now. The designs for Nicole are definitely aimed at women, but men can absolutely wear them. I love the idea of doing unisex clothing and have had many women purchase my menswear and it looks fantastic on them.”


You may know Slezin’s work from his first fashion line sold in local stores, Cute Tank. That line focused on men’s tank tops and swimwear, and the experience of selling clothes led him to want to go back to school to get a design degree.


These days, all his work is only available via the Mined on Denim and DandEDiscovered stores on Etsy, but he’s hoping to get back into local retail stores sometime soon.


“This collection with Nicole has really taken all our time and with its success we've been a bit too busy to expand any of our other lines,” Slezin says. "At some point I would consider putting my apparel in some local stores, but we'll have to see how everything ends up at the end of the year."

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Jordan's bartending career began when a hotel group offered HIM a safe workplace TO EXPRESS HIS own individuality. THAT EXPERIENCE gave HIM the opportunity and knowledge to grow into the passionate bartender HE IS today. 


The first gay bar HE worked at was Blackbird and LATER WITHIN The DETOUR family. 

HIS goal is to provide what HE would want to experience wheN goING on an adventurous bar crawl.

               SOUNDS PERFECT TO US TOO!


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Blondes really do have more fun!

Hardfrench indeed!

...and you can keep the change! (chris, nick & carter)

those smiles!  (Matteo & Laura)

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What is the Fa-word, you ask? It's a six-letter, two-syllable term that starts with the letters fa and rhymes with maggot. It's not to be confused with the F-word.

                                                                - NPR. MAY 28,2011

Fa-word is an ongoing weekly publication dedicated to bringing you all the LGBT oriented events, promotions and parties that our fair city has to offer.

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