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Where to Cozy Up in Cold Weather Around SF

Fall is upon us, and the days of drinking in Dolores Park or running off to pool and roof parties are likely done until springtime. With Spooky Season over and nothing left to look forward to besides holiday gorging and shopping and traveling to family, here are some ideas for enjoying the cold-weather days around SF with your boo or BFFs.


Balboa Theatre

The Castro Theatre is still not back open, but out in the Outer Richmond there's a super cute, smaller version where they do all kinds of fun programming throughout the month. Next week it's Lohan Fest (11/10), featuring Lindsay Lohan flicks all day and 'Mean Girls' at 7:30 p.m. 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' plays monthly on fourth Saturdays, and they show cult classic 'The Room' every first Saturday too. Bonus: There's a raffle before some shows.

3630 Balboa Street

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The Detour

Stay in the Castro and play video games all night, with comfort food and cocktails galore, all at The Detour. The gay-owned arcade bar at Market and Sanchez has special league nights, as well as trivia on Wednesdays, but you can also just play some random games on a rainy night and have some fun with friends. Also: If you don't have money to waste on games, Tuesdays are free-play nights, and the games are all free all night long.

2200 Market Street



Twin Peaks Tavern

The best place for a hot toddy or Irish Coffee on a cold fall night is, of course, Twin Peaks, where you can also possibly share a table with a longtime local and get regaled with tales of Castro past. Hot Cookie being next door is an added bonus, but if you're only on liquids this month you can settle for the scents of baking cookies that waft through the bathroom window.

401 Castro Street


Urban Putt

SF's quirky indoor mini-golf spot, which offers a full bar and snacks, is great for a rainy night. But Mission denizens know this place well, and you'll definitely want to make a reservation — especially if you're with a group — or you may not get in. Golfing the full course takes about 40 minutes, but you can also hang out at the bar before or after, or grab a table and some food.

1096 South Van Ness Ave

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