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Peaches Christ's Latest Halloween 'Terror Vault' Experience Will Make You Scream-Laugh


Now in its third iteration at San Francisco's Old Mint (88 5th Street), Peaches Christ's new Terror Vault experience, dubbed "Immortal Reckoning," is a goofy, gory, gloriously campy and legit scary way to ring in Spooky Season. It's a haunted house for adults, and one of the new generation of these interactive experiences that are part theater and part scare-inducing romp.


Terror Vault was first launched at the Old Mint in the fall of 2018, and Peaches told the Chronicle that she'd been hosting haunted houses ever since she was kid — with dad sometimes manning the chainsaw and mom charging admission. It took a lot of years of producing campy drag shows to go along with midnight-movie screenings before she and her creative team got the chance to do an actual haunted house, and they did it two years running before the pandemic interrupted things.


With "Immortal Reckoning," there are some new rooms and frightful attractions in the mint's basement, including an SF Eagle-inspired leather bar for vampires, and a spooky room inhabited by rabbit-worshiping cultists. Plus, there's a pop-up "Fang Bang" bar, likely taking its inspiration from "True Blood," with a vampire serving up blood-themed Tiki drinks. Basically, it's a ton of fun for the whole Goth and LGBTQ family, jump-scares included.


Runs through November 5th. Find tickets here.

Immortal Reckoning1_PCandthechildrenmortalreckoning17_Credit_Jose A Guzman.jpg
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