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The LGBTQ-friendly Sonoma County town of Guerneville has had a rough couple of years. Many businesses were impacted by the flood in February 2019, most notably the R3 Resort, which was in the midst of a rebuild when the pandemic hit last year. Many San Franciscans still haven't seen the remodeled and redesigned bar and pool deck, and now that summer is in full swing there are a bunch of excuses to head up there.


The next big party in town is Lazy Bear Week, which kicks off on July 26 — but that is mostly centered elsewhere in Guerneville. The R3's next big event is Some Are Camp, August 6 to 9 — Venmo $100 to @somearecamp with your name and email address to reserve your weekend party pass.


The final event of the Season is RIVER Raid(September 17-19). tickets just went on sale for the annual bacchanal and pool party series hosted by our very own Fa-Word founder Paul Miller. River Raid is always a cute time with events both day and night through the weekend at multiple Guerneville venues — get your tickets HERE


Reparations Comes to Oasis


San Francisco’s only all-Black drag show, Reparations, arrives live and in person at Oasis this Friday, July 9.


The show is the brainchild of SF queen Nicki Jizz, and it started as an all-online show back on Juneteenth, 2020. As Nicki recently told KQED, the idea was for audiences to "put your money where your black square is," referring to the black squares people posted as profile pics during last year's protests in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 


"This is not just a fad," Nicki says. "This is not just a summer thing. This is a forever thing. We need to support Black arts every day."


Reparations will now be a monthly party every second Friday on the Oasis stage, hosted by Ms. Jizz — and this week's first live show features Meatball, Bionka Simone, Militia Scunt, Sir Joq, Rahni NothingMore, KaiKai Bee Michaels, and Madd Dogg 20/20. The tagline: "Be there or be racist."



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