You have been active in SF forever. What made you run now?

...having been adopted by and adapted to SF for some 30 years, it is an honor to now be considered for Emperor . ...coming out of this past year, this seems a really perfect way and the perfect time to help knit our city and all of our communities together. As a person who has lived primarily  for the betterment and benefit of others, designing clothes, throwing parties and performing for decades, this is a way to give and help people more than one at a time. ...with the whole city working together , we can help multitudes of elder San Franciscan's and new LGTBQIA folk and allies alike. Knowing that someone, or better, an entire family has your back is truly majical.


Why do the role of Emperor and Empress matter?

The role of Emperor or Empress matters as any figurehead does. The pomp and circumstance of it all is as gay as one can get!, a pontif in a gown waving a burning purse! or a witch doctor shaking a feathered staff, You are here to see and to be seen.

 Years ago someone asked why do Drag Queens or Kings matter in a community?, the response was , we are like lighthouses showing the way through the fog, through the night, through the nightclub! ... Not everyone is born to shine intensely or to stick all the way out but, if you do, isn't it your duty and privilege to do so?


What do you hope to accomplish as Emperor?

As emperor of SF, the dream is to help us all unite and feel as though we are one huge family. Getting to know our neighbors before judging them is a great way to start....We all have different roles to play and ways of being absolutely, but we can also thrive together harmoniously. ... ...Being a member of this glorious mixed bag of a home is a beautifully rare thing, isn't it lovely to get to share that feeling exponentially?


Would you hope to be seen as one of the long line of people who have filled this esteemed post, or to be seen as a reformer?

Both, being seen as another person in a long line of service to our community and being a reformer to this post, are the reasons to continue the journey. No singular monarch has all of the answers. The hope is to take what has come before and breathe more life into it, giving us all another chance to bloom, to create, to flourish. Here we grow.

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