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A San Francisco tradition that’s now 15 years old, ‘The Golden Girls Live: The Christmas Episodes’ is back at the Victoria Theater — and as usual, it stars drag queens Heklina (Dorothy), Matthew Martin (Blanche), D’Arcy Drollinger (Rose), and Holotta Tymes (Sofia).


Heklina and Matthew Martin started playing their roles 15 Christmas seasons ago in a friend’s living room in the Western Addition, putting on a show using original scripts from the NBC classic and reenacting them for their friends. From there, the show moved to bigger and bigger venues, and besides last year’s live-streamed version, it’s lately been playing at the Victoria in the Mission, to adoring repeat audiences — many of whom consider this a tradition more important than watching ‘Die Hard’ or ‘The Nutcracker.’


“Little did we know that it would turn into this huge San Francisco tradition,” Heklina said, speaking to SFist earlier this month. “But we are so grateful, and doubly grateful to be able to do it after the non-year that was 2020.”


The gals do two new episodes every year — usually taking a regular episode, tossing in a tree and a line about the holidays, and as Heklina puts it, “Boom! It’s a Christmas episode.” And in between there are holiday sing-a-longs and vintage commercials from the 80s.


“I can see a future where we're all doing this together well into our retirement,” Drollinger says.


‘The Golden Girls Live: The Christmas Episodes’ plays through December 23 at the Victoria Theater. Find tickets here.


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